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LWVUS Affirms Right to Peaceful Protest

Press Release / Last Updated:

“At the League of Women Voters, our goal is to ensure that every person can make their voices heard — in the streets and at the polls. We firmly believe that, like voting, peaceful protest is a constitutional right deeply rooted in American democracy. Both voting and protest are powerful tools for driving change. 

“For over 100 years, the League has supported the First Amendment right of free speech. Even before the League was formally organized, brave women suffragists staged protests demanding something radical at that time — the right to vote. We strive to model their dedication and advocacy through protests that preserve the dignity and respect of all.   

“Protests are an effective tool for amplifying the voices of the people and inspiring action. When we use the act of protest together with the power of our vote, we can create meaningful and lasting change." 


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