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Money in Politics

Elections should be about the voters not big money interests. It’s time to limit SuperPACs and secret donors to protect representative democracy.

Why it matters

Reducing the influence of big money in our politics makes our elections fairer. Voters have the right to know who is raising money for which political candidates, how much money they are raising and how that money is being spent. Our elections should be free from corruption and undue influence and should work so that everyday Americans can run for office, even if they aren't well connected to wealthy special interests. 

What we're doing

We fight to reform money in politics in Congress, with state legislatures, with the executive branch and, where appropriate, the courts. We are deeply committed to reforming our nation's campaign finance system to ensure the public's right to know, combat corruption and undue influence, and enable candidates to compete more equitably or public office and allow maximum citizen participation in the political process. 

Money in Politics In Depth

President MacNamara offered testimony at a hearing held by the Federal Election Commission (FEC) on February 11, 2015. The hearing follows a comment period where thousands of citizens expressed their concern over the need for stricter disclosure rules and to strengthen regulations on coordination between candidates and secret, dark money groups. President MacNamara called on the agency to update regulations on campaign finance laws to provide full disclosure in light of recent U.S. Supreme Court decisions Citizens United and McCutcheon v. FEC.

League President MacNamara urges the FEC to update campaign finance regulations to provide full disclosure so that the Citizens United decision does not continue as the giant loophole for secret giving that it has become.

The League’s advocacy work in the courts, just like our lobbying in Congress and with the Executive, builds our influence in the political process.

In honor of the League of Women Voters' 95th anniversary, here are 10 ways the League has helped strengthen our democracy and ensure equality over the past century.

Check out our Storify to catch up on the President’s speech and to see how our Bingo boards played out!

The League of Women Voters is observing the 5th anniversary of Citizens United with a renewed resolve to limit the influence of money in politics.

LWVUS and the League of Women Voters of Florida joined an amicus brief on a case that focuses on the constitutionality of prohibitions on direct solicitation by candidates for judicial office.

We’re just one week away from the deadline to submit comments to the Federal Election Commission (FEC) on how "to address corruption in the political process." So far, League supporters have generated over 12,000 comments in support of stricter disclosure regulations.

Here's a sample of just some of the important work the League accomplished in 2014, and what lays ahead in 2015.

The Senate will vote on the Omnibus Appropriations bill very soon. Contact your Senators NOW and tell them to oppose the bill.