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Congressional districts and government legislative bodies should be apportioned substantially on population. We oppose partisan and racial gerrymandering that strips rights away from voters.

Why it matters

Political and racial gerrymandering distorts and undermines representative democracy by allowing officials to select their voters rather than voters to elect their officials. When done for purposes of racial discrimination or to ensure the dominance of one political party, gerrymandering runs counter to equal voting rights for all eligible voters.

What we're doing

We promote transparent and accountable redistricting processes and to end hyper-partisan practices that don't benefit constituents. We believe responsibility for fair redistricting should be vested in an independent special commission, with membership that reflects the diversity of the unit of government. The League works in states across the country to pass ballot initiatives to institute independent redistricting commissions.  

Redistricting In Depth


“The Republican-crafted ballot language for state Issue 2 would be ‘fatal’ to the proposal and must be rewritten, the Ohio Supreme Court ruled yesterday. ... The high court sided with Voters First, the coalition that includes the League of Women Voters, Democrats and unions. The Republican-dominated high court ruled 6-1 that the Ballot Board’s effort to trim the extensive proposal for redrawing legislative and congressional districts down to five paragraphs contained ‘material omissions and factual inaccuracies.’”

“A lawsuit filed Tuesday contends that Florida lawmakers ignored new rules intended to prevent political parties and incumbents from influencing the once-a-decade process of redistricting....Several individuals and groups including the League of Women Voters maintain that state Senate districts in key parts of the state - including South Florida, the Tampa Bay region and Central Florida - violate standards that were approved by voters.”

“In a lengthy, sweeping decision, a federal court in Washington on Tuesday unanimously struck down Texas' new congressional map, ruling that the plan was enacted with "discriminatory purpose" against Hispanics protected under the Voting Rights Act. The ruling will not affect this year's elections, but barring successful appeal, Texas would have to redraw its maps before 2014.”

“Consider the League of Women Voters valuable study “Shining a Light: Redistricting Lessons Learned in 2011” by reading an introductory article, “New League report details redistricting lessons learned.” I think the League provides WE THE PEOPLE with VERY VALUABLE information and perspective to advocate for REFORM of our redistricting processes in our state. This is, remember, a STATE POWER!”

Ann Henkener, LWV of Ohio board member: ”Voters and taxpayers deserve balance, transparency and accountability any time their tax dollars are being spent. In return for hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars spent to rig legislative and congressional districts, you received none of the above.”

 “With 750,000 signatures ... the coalition of good-government groups like the League of Women Voters seeking a constitutional amendment to change Ohio’s seriously messed-up system for drawing legislative and congressional districts — is confident that the amendment will be on the ballot this November.”

“Maryland voters appear likely to get the final word on the state’s highly partisan and racially charged plan to redraw Maryland’s congressional districts. ... In passing the plan, Democratic state lawmakers also rebuffed harsh criticism from the League of Women Voters of Maryland, Common Cause and a handful of residents who testified against it. Most said they were appalled at the partisanship...”

“The League of Women Voters called it ‘by far the most extreme example of racial gerrymandering among all the redistricting proposals passed by lawmakers so far this year.’”

 "A plan to change how Ohio draws its legislative and congressional boundaries has collected enough signatures to go before voters and might be the only citizen-driven issue on the November ballot."

“...the effort to overhaul how Ohio draws its legislative and congressional districts is on track to submit more than 386,000 voter signatures by the July 4 deadline, said Ann Henkener of the League of Women Voters of Ohio.”