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Congressional districts and government legislative bodies should be apportioned substantially on population. We oppose partisan and racial gerrymandering that strips rights away from voters.

Why it matters

Political and racial gerrymandering distorts and undermines representative democracy by allowing officials to select their voters rather than voters to elect their officials. When done for purposes of racial discrimination or to ensure the dominance of one political party, gerrymandering runs counter to equal voting rights for all eligible voters.

What we're doing

We promote transparent and accountable redistricting processes and to end hyper-partisan practices that don't benefit constituents. We believe responsibility for fair redistricting should be vested in an independent special commission, with membership that reflects the diversity of the unit of government. The League works in states across the country to pass ballot initiatives to institute independent redistricting commissions.  

Redistricting In Depth

“On April 5, the Ohio Ballot Board gave the go ahead to Voters First - a coalition led by the League of Women Voters - to collect signatures to place a constitutional amendment on this November's ballot.”

“The process for drawing new district maps for Cook County Commissioner Districts is underway. The League of Women Voters of Cook County [IL] urges citizens to become involved in this process as the 17 new commissioner district boundaries that will result will be in effect for the next 10 years.”

“‘The Court gave the Senate a second chance, but the Senate just did exactly what it has done in every redistricting cycle — drawn districts to protect themselves and their political allies rather than protecting the voting rights of all Floridians,’ said Deirdre Macnab, president of the League of Women Voters of Florida.”

“Olivia Thorne, president of the Pennsylvania League of Women Voters, said any changes to the size of the state House should be accompanied with a reformed process for redrawing the state's districts.”

“A survey commissioned by the League of Women Voters shows that Minnesotans want changes in the redistricting process so that the decisions are made in an independent, nonpartisan way.”

“Ohio voters deserve better. A coalition of citizen advocacy groups, led by the League of Women Voters of Ohio, filed petitions with the Ohio attorney general this week to reform state redistricting with a constitutional amendment.”

“The League of Women Voters, La Raza and Common Cause-Florida said they were unhappy with Gaetz's plan to have legislative staffers draw a new map – with the results only made public Saturday when it will be released as a proposal for the full Senate to consider next week.”

“The Florida Supreme Court dealt a blow to the Legislature on its final scheduled day, ruling Friday that redrawn Senate district maps are unconstitutional and tilted toward incumbents, even as justices upheld the House plan.”

“‘From this day forward, our elected officials are on notice that they cannot ignore the constitution and abuse the public trust by drawing districts to favor themselves,’ said Deirdre Macnab, president of the League of Women Voters of Florida ...”

“This isn't fair to these people – it isn't just, and it isn't right," said Janet Mason, from the [Hawaii] League of Women Voters. The latest shakeup again delays the Office of Elections from preparing for the August primary...”