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It’s My First Election!

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Please Note: This blog post was written by our intern Cristine Lovato

Since the 2000 Presidential Election, I have been anxiously waiting to get the opportunity to vote. I went as far as creating a mock election ballot for my elementary school for the 2004 Presidential Election so I could feel like I was contributing to the election in some way.  The 2008 election was the most frustrating for me; I was four months too young to be eligible to vote in California. I knew I would have to wait another four years.

This summer I made sure to send in my voter registration forms before I left for my semester in Washington, DC. Having always been fascinated with elections, I knew I needed to be in DC during this time. It also gave me the unique experience of having the wonderful opportunity to intern with the League of Women Voters. I have been engrossed in all matters related to the election and voting issues.  It’s been amazing.

Since I chose to be in DC this semester, it meant I had to request an absentee ballot. With just enough time to spare, my ballot finally arrived. I wasted no time in filling in the ballot; I used VOTE411 the week before to create my personalized voter guide. It made my life a lot easier. 

My only qualm of my first time voting experience? Absentee ballots do not come with an “I Voted” sticker. I’ve been waiting a long time for one but I guess I can wait another few years.

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