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These Influencers Use VOTE411!

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Do you use to find your:

  1. Candidate guides;
  2. Polling locations;
  3. Local voting rules;
  4. Polling hours;
  5. Early and absentee voting options;
  6. Voter registration status; 

Or more?

You're not alone! We were lucky enough to partner with the following influencers, who shared what they love about VOTE411 and why they think you should use it.

Ms. Carmack

As a math teacher, Ms. Carmack knows what it's like to empower young people. She regularly shares content like math challenges, test prep, and insights into middle school life. We loved her video showing how easy it is to share this resource with potential voters who may feel lost in the democratic process.

A screenshot of Ms. Carmack discussing VOTE411 in a TikTok

Iléna Tovia

A healthy body and a healthy democracy go hand-in-hand, right? Iléna Tovia, or "Momma Iléna," is both an anti-food-waste advocate and a proponent of participating in the democratic process. She promotes early voting, checking your registration, and using VOTE411 to get all the info you need for Election Day.

Screenshot of "Momma Iléna" in a TikTok with the text "Your voice matters. Your vote matters" at the bottom

Shanna Yeh

Because that "I Voted" sticker goes perfectly with a cute thrift haul. FashionTok mavel Shannah Yeh just moved to New York City, and she used VOTE411 to get up to date on the local election rules and candidates. 

Did you move recently? Learn about local rules, issues, and whether you need to update your registration address at VOTE411!

Screenshot of Shanna Yeh from TikTok

Teodora Marcella

Sustainable fashion, Pride stories, and modeling are just a few of the subjects that actor Teo Marcella covers on their TikTok, and we're thrilled to say VOTE411 has also made its way onto the list.

Teo urges their viewers to take control of their futures in their video partnering with our one-stop-shop for election info!

A screenshot of Teo Marcella from her TikTok about VOTE411

Taylor McGlashan

As a law student, Taylor knows all about promoting people's rights. It's no wonder she's an advocate for the freedom to vote! Follow her for content on mental health, law school life, and generally being a boss.

Screenshot of Taylor McGlashan in front of the VOTE411 site from her TikTok video

You can be a VOTE411 advocate too! Check out our tips for creating a TikTok promoting this resource, and in the meantime, make sure to get your voting info today!

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