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'Tis the season for caps, gowns, and graduations!

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As a new wave of high school seniors transition to higher education and enter the workforce, they also acquire a new set of responsibilities to engage in our democratic process as first-time voters. 
The League has a history of helping graduates take the first step in election participation by encouraging them to register to vote with our e-card. As a generation, the Class of 2018 has already demonstrated an enormous capacity to use their voice to affect change and engage in civic affairs.

With midterm elections just around the corner, making sure these new grads are registered to vote is critical. The League stands ready to empower the graduates of the Class of 2018 to have a say in matters that impact their communities. We work year-round to make sure all eligible Americans—especially first-time voters, non-college youth, new citizens, communities of color, and low-income Americans—have the opportunity to register and vote.

One of the most crucial steps to create lifelong habits of civic and voter participation is to register to vote, which can be done by using our online registration e-card
As you spend time celebrating the Class of 2018, help us show them the importance of political engagement by encouraging them to register to vote with our e-card. Share this tool with a grad in your life today.

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