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VOTE411 is a "one-stop-shop" for election related information. This innovative voter resource provides nonpartisan information to the public with both general and state-specific information. 

Why it matters

Election rules differ state by state, and sometimes change from year to year. Using, voters can confirm their polling location, check if ID is required, and see what their personal ballot will look like.  Confirming this information before heading to the polls saves voters time and helps voters make more informed decisions. 

What we're doing

We have long been a trusted source of objective and nonpartisan election information. Since 2006, has served tens of millions of voters. By entering one’s home address on, voters can see ballot questions they will be voting on, compare candidate responses to League questions and much more! 

Featured Content

VOTE411 In Depth

This election season, many states have implemented new voter laws, and there’s been some confusion over new requirements. Wherever you live, if you’re unsure of what you need to hit the polls, visit!

The League is participating in #GivingTuesday, an annual campaign created to promote a national day of giving at the start of the holiday season.

Yesterday, a record 800+ groups—including nearly 300 League of Women Voters affiliates in 43 states—headed out into their neighborhoods to help Americans register to vote or update their registration.

This Election Day, millions of Americans across the country will head to the polls to cast a vote. Attending a candidate debate is one of the best ways voters can prepare for the polls. But how can viewers get the most out of the experience?

This Independence Day help us make our democracy work – encourage your fellow citizens to visit and register to vote!

"The Homewood-Flossmoor Area [IL] League of Women Voters encourages everyone to be a part of this important election. The outcome of Election 2012 will affect everyone’s job, health care, energy costs and security."

"Tuesday is Election Day - and Patch is here to help get you organized and prepared in a flash, so your busy week isn't too far disrupted. ... Thanks to the handy website, presented by the League of Women Voters, you can now find just about all the information you could ever need, at the click of a mouse."

"The League of Women Voters of Alabama encourages you to cast an informed vote on the proposed statewide constitutional amendments and, in some counties, additional local amendments as well."

"You may feel energized and passionate about the 2012 election, but that enthusiasm isn’t going to have much impact if you don’t actually cast a vote. Here are some tips on how to make sure that you make a personal impact on the nation’s future. ... Make sure you know where to vote., a website created by the League of Women Voters, allows you to find your polling place by typing in your address."