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News Clips

"Barbara Hayes, of Flossmoor, and Erin Roeper and Margaret Smith, both of Homewood, recently participated in a leadership development training conducted by the League of Women Voters of the United States."

"Because Indiana is one of four states having what is known as a “strict” photo identification requirement to vote and some registered voters may lack the required state-issued identification, the Montgomery County League of Women Voters and the county Republican and Democratic parties have joined together to offer assistance to people who need to obtain the required identification, including providing transportation to the local Bureau of Motor Vehicles License Branch."

"The League of Women Voters of Mobile has launched its nonpartisan election resource, announced Barbara Caddell, co-president of the Mobile League. ... This 'one-stop-shop' for election information provides simple tools to help Alabama voters navigate the voting process.

"But since we’re big believers that every vote matters, we decided to do some fact checking of our own. Just how hard is it to find non-partisan information during an election? Depends on your definition of "hard." Here are some sites that can help.   The League of Women Voters..."

"These last weeks I hope both political parties can reform their presentations. Toward this goal, the League [Williamsburg, VA] has sponsored or co-sponsored three forums in which local candidates have had an opportunity to explain their positions on issues. It is important to look past the misinformation presented by the campaigns."

"The Student Government Association sponsored a “Rock the Vote” initiative this year to get students ready for the upcoming election. SGA has hosted voter registration and debate viewing parties as a part of the initiative. ... The event was cosponsored by the South Orange League of Women Voters [NJ] and the College Republicans. ... According to Kane, who co-chaired the “Rock the Vote” initiative with sophomore Brianna Monti, the League of Women Voters has been a great help to the initiative as cosponsor.

 "Karen Oelschlaeger is the youngest ever president of the local League of Women Voters. Oelschlaeger, then 27, took over in May as the youngest president of the League of Women Voters of Asheville-Buncombe County [NC ] — one of the area’s oldest, most active and trusted voter education organizations...In her less than sixth-month reign through a heated and hectic election season, Oelschlaeger has brought the league into the Twittersphere and the 21st century..."

"While you’re on the Internet, check out the League of Women Voters website At this site you can find out your congressional and state House and Senate districts, read candidates’ answers to questions, and build your own ballot to help in filling out the official one."

"Democracy requires reaching across social divides to develop a sense of community, and women especially need to fight to ensure their voices are heard. ... Those messages were from the opening speakers at the ninth annual Michigan Student Political Issues Convention at Henry Ford Community College on Friday. The event drew hundreds of college and high school students from across the region and numerous regional elected officials to speak and hold caucuses on political topics. HFCC and the League of Women Voters-Dearborn, Dearborn Heights [MI] sponsored the event."

"In the general election on Nov. 5, 1912 - just 10 months after becoming a state - Arizona approved a measure that gave its women the right to vote."