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"... As citizens, we should always be vigilant about our election process. ... To that end...Tennessee Citizen Action, along with the Lawyers' Committee for Civil Rights, several Vanderbilt University Law School student groups, the League of Women Voters-Nashville, the American Civil Liberties Union of Tennessee, and many other organizations have joined together to combine their vigilance into one nonpartisan poll-watching initiative. ... Become a poll watcher and work with us to ensure that every eligible citizen can participate in this election. Become a poll watcher so you don't miss your opportunity to help protect our most basic democratic freedom."

"The League of Women Voters of Thurston County [WA] has staged an increased number of public forums during this election season for the benefit of Sound Sound voters. ... Partnering with TCTV and The Olympian for different events, the league has taken a leadership role this year in providing opportunities for voters to get to know the candidates and the issues. ... A recent league forum at The Washington Center for the Performing Arts attracted more than 300 people to hear about the Thurston Public Power Initiative. And a similar event for the 10th Congressional District this week drew another large crowd. ... Kudos to this civic-minded group." 

"'What the league is trying to do is make sure everyone is educated about what early voting is, every vote is actually cast and everyone who is registered to vote is allowed to vote,' said Elizabeth Poythress, state president of the league. 'The main thing is to vote.'"

"With the voter registration deadline fast approaching on Oct. 16, the League of Women Voters of Ridgewood [NJ] (LWV) is warning voters to be wary of a widely circulated email that falsely claims that voters who have not voted since 2008 are no longer registered."

"The Winchester [MA] League of Women Voters’ goals for its Voters’ Day at the Races Candidate Forum are to promote interest in the election, provide a fair forum for candidates and help voters make realistic and informed choices among candidates."

"'Are you trying to get registered to vote?' Ruth Dixon asks a student venturing shyly toward the League of Women Voters of Alameda’s table in the quad at St. Joseph Notre Dame High School at the end of a noisy lunchtime rush. When the 17-year-old student nods, Dixon whisks her into a chair and hands her a pen and a voter registration form."

... For those who believe that identification requirements are not a barrier to voting, I ask that you consider the callers League of Women Voters talks to every election day. They include the man we helped on the day of the last primary election who is homeless and does not have access to his documents.

"The League of Women Voters-Princeton Area [NJ] is holding an event to celebrate its 80th Anniversary with a performance portraying Alice Paul, a key leader of the movement that secured the right to vote for women in the United States."

"Jayme Montgomery wasn't messing around. As state director of the Wisconsin League of Young Voters, she asked a small gathering of Mount Mary College students at a voter registration forum to cast ballots on the issues most important to them. ... In order to vote, students had to show ID.... 'I bring up the voter ID because I think it provides a concrete way that the vote is suppressed,' she said .... 'Politics is about choices, getting choices and decisions made,' she said. 'You either decide, or it will be decided for you.'"

"Early voters across New Mexico are encountering a pretty lengthy ballot in this year's election, but help is on the way from the League of Women Voters."