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League of Women Voters Announces CEO Departure

Press Release / Last Updated:

WASHINGTON — Today the League of Women Voters of the United States announced the departure of our CEO, Virginia Kase Solomón. Virginia played a critical role in guiding the 103-year-old organization through a period of rapid transformation and growth. Her tenure focused on building people-power by engaging in advocacy, expanding litigation, and organizing efforts to ensure voting rights for all.  

Guided by Virginia’s leadership, the League has championed various equal rights and voting rights initiatives, notably the 'Women’s Inequality Day' campaign, which garnered support from over 30 women-led organizations, and the 'No More Excuses' campaign, which played a crucial role in influencing President Biden's support to end the filibuster for voting rights. 

The board expresses its deep gratitude to Virginia for her invaluable contributions to the League and dedicated service to the success of the voting rights organization. The League has initiated a comprehensive search for a new CEO to build on the strong foundation laid by Solomón.    

“We thank Virginia for her exemplary leadership, whose vision and dedication has been instrumental in our growth as an organization and centering racial equity in our work,” said Sania Irwin, president of the League of Women Voters. “While we bid farewell to a remarkable CEO who has led this organization for six transformative years, we eagerly anticipate a continued chapter of growth of impact under the guidance of our capable leadership staff and dedicated membership. We extend our best wishes to Virginia in her future endeavors.” 

During this transitional period, Alma Couverthie and Kelly McFarland will assume the roles of interim co-CEOs. Both Couverthie and McFarland have over 40 years of combined experience in nonprofit leadership. The League of Women Voters remains committed to our mission of empowering voters and looks forward to continued success under new leadership.    


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