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League of Women Voters Empowers Voters with Election Information on Over 20,000 Races and 46,000 Candidates

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WASHINGTON – Millions of voters will cast a ballot in state and local elections Tuesday. They can turn to the League of Women Voters’ election website,, for all the election information they need. Throughout 2023, the League of Women Voters provided essential information on an impressive 20,000 races and 46,000 candidates, empowering voters with the knowledge they need to make informed decisions.  

Launched in 2006, VOTE411 is a one-stop-shop dedicated to fostering an engaged and informed electorate. This significant platform expansion during an off-year election cycle takes our commitment to the next level. In the upcoming 2023 elections, voters can access detailed information on candidates running for office in their community all in one place, making it easier than ever to participate in the democratic process. 

"Our mission at VOTE411 is to ensure that every eligible voter has the information they need to cast their ballot confidently," said Megan Brown, senior manager of VOTE411. "With information on 20,000 races and 46,000 candidates throughout 2023, we are excited to provide voters with a comprehensive resource to help them make their voices heard." 

Available in English and Spanish, VOTE411's expanded candidate database includes critical details on local, state, and federal races, from mayoral elections to state legislative seats to special US House races and governorships. Users can explore candidate profiles, read their stances on key issues (in candidates' own words), and find links to recorded League-sponsored debates and forums, all in one convenient location. With this vast amount of information, voters can compare the candidates appearing on their ballot and be well-prepared when they enter the polling place. 

In addition to providing candidate and ballot measure information, VOTE411 offers user-friendly tools like a personalized polling place locator, registration resources, and state-specific election rules in all 50 states and DC, making it a one-stop-shop for all election-related needs. 

Visit VOTE411 to access the comprehensive voter information database and prepare for the upcoming elections. 


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