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For half a century, the League of Women Voters of Alpena County has been helping to educate the public on issues of importance to an informed Democracy.

The primary election is less than two months away, June 26, and there are some changes to elections this year that you might not know about, including the fact that the elections will conducted by

Members of the League of Women Voters of Falls Church and members of the George Mason High School Student Council worked together April 30 to help more than 35 Mason seniors register to vote for th

The failure of so many Wisconsin citizens to obtain a state-issued ID, despite how valuable such an ID is for transacting business in the state, is testimony to how difficult and expensive it is fo

A rally is scheduled for this afternoon outside the Greece office of State Senator Joe Robach.

When a study highly critical of Yakima County’s law and justice system known as the Hutton Report was released in 2012, two members of the local League of Women Voters decided that something needed

We almost lost it — our right to our own public records and participation in public meetings.

The League of Women Voters of Montgomery County announces that Phillip Bane is the recipient of the 2014 “Making Democracy Work” award.

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