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Voter Registration

“In Wisconsin, new laws require licensing for anyone who registers someone else to vote, and the rules for licensing vary in the state's 1,800 municipalities. ... “That could mean a volunteer for a voting drive in a school district would have to take a course and get licensed in a dozen different municipalities in that one school district,” said Jeannette Senecal, director of elections for the League of Women Voters.”

“The League of Women Voters and other civic groups have challenged the law in court. And rightfully so. Any law that mocks democracy and makes a problem worse should be scrapped.”

“This week, the League of Women Voters released a map of Monroe County which shows, by census tract, what share of adults are registered to vote. ... League member Barbara Grosh shared the map with seniors at the School of the Arts who are enrolled in Participation in Government classes.”

“Last spring, Florida made some changes to its election law. Cloaked as technical tweaks, the new laws have the potential to swing the 2012 election.”

This NYT editorial points out that “one reason the United States has a low voter-participation rate is that most states are using 19th-century registration methods in the 21st century.”

“Almost 200 high school students have registered to vote in the last month, thanks to members of the League of Women Voters of Horry County, who have been visiting high schools to simplify registration and ensure that eligible seniors will be able to participate in the democratic process.”

“... In Miami-Dade, for example, voter registration plunged by 39 percent. The link between the law and the suspension of registration drives is clearly showing up in these findings.”

"Increasing informed voter turnout 20 percent by 2020 is one of the goals of the League of Women Voters of Chester County. Our league volunteers have been very busy this spring registering voters to help accomplish this goal."

“...people in the social sector are starting to work together in more and better ways – the good people at Brennan Center..., League of Women Voters, Rock the Vote, and Voto Latino have been very helpful with all of their research and surveys. These folks aren’t social workers or do gooders, they’re just trying to defend Americans and Founding Father values; it’s basic patriotism.”

"A big part of that drop-off is that volunteer groups have stopped doing third-party registration. Third-party registration is when organizations send people into the community carrying clipboards to sign up voters. ... The League of Women Voters used to do it. So did political parties and student groups. Now, hardly anyone does it."