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Please Note: This blog post was written by our intern, Vegard Tveito

Last week we shared updates on changes in voting procedures in the many states affected by Hurricane Sandy.

Please Note: This blog post was written by our intern Cristine Lovato

Standing in a crowded high school hallway in Northern Virginia on a cold morning back in 2010, I unfolded my handmade “Register to Vote!” poster and double-checked my supply of pens.  I was excited

Tonight is the vice presidential debate! While you're thinking about the election, learn about early voting options or request an absentee ballot if you'll need one!

Tonight is the first 2012 presidential debate, and the media has whipped itself into a frenzy over the latest poll numbers. The pre-Election rush has officially arrived.

 Yesterday, Pennsylvania Judge Robert Simpson issued a temporary injunction, halting the state’s photo voter ID law and removing an unnecessary barrier to voting.

 “[Debates] are the only opportunities the voters have to see and hear the candidates talk about the same things at the same time — and to take a real time comparative measure of

 Editorial Note: This piece was first published on my Huffington Post blog.
Tomorrow is the day -- it's National Voter Registration Day, a nationwide, nonpartisan effort to register thousands of voters on one single day!

We need your help to reach as many eligible voters as possible. Join our registration challenge by sending our e-card to 3 friends and encouraging them to register to vote.