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As part of our current work towards the 9th Forum for the Future scheduled to be held in Tunisia in December, I traveled last weekend to Tunis-Carthage, Tunisia to meet the leaders of the nongovernmental organization that will be our partners in this endeavor.

It is National Women’s Health Week– and groups around the nation are taking a moment to recognize the importance of women’s health, and the impact the

This is Public Service Recognition Week and this weekend, we celebrate Mother’

Earlier this week, the three federal judges tasked with reviewing Texas’ voter identification law issued an order scolding the state for its activities in “delaying the Defendants’ ability to receive and analyze the data and documents in a timely fashion.”

We’re excited to announce that we have finalized the location for our first meeting of the Broader Middle East and North Africa Initiative (BMENA) – we’ll be in Doha, Qatar, July 11 and 12!

We are all aware that the huge amount of special interest money, particularly in federal races, has been a problem for years. We also know that these problems have been magnified by the Supreme Court ruling in the Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission case which unleashed corporate spending for supposedly independent campaign expenditures and which has resulted in millions and millions of dollars in secret contributions.

Today is Law Day and what better occasion to highlight the serious consequences of an underfunded justice system for our country.  “While these are difficult economic times, the failure to fund the justice system is deleterious to American democracy.” Read our full Law Day statement.

We have made a lot of progress since our post last week!

This morning, President Obama signed the Stop Trading on Congressional Knowledge (STOCK) Act into law and League Executive Director Nancy Tate got the opportunity to stand with the President as he did so.  The STOCK Act makes it illegal for Members of Congress to invest or trade stocks based on nonpublic information they acquire on Capitol Hill.

Today, a Senate Committee takes up the issue of money in politics, specifically, whether we need disclosure of who is spending vast amounts of money in American elections.  The League is deeply concerned about the current state of political financing in our nation.