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“We are pleased that the images of several of the inspirational leaders who fought to secure the right to vote for women will grace our nation's currency," said President MacNamara.

With Women’s History Month 2016 wrapping up, League president Elisabeth MacNamara joined with other women’s political and history experts at the Sewall-Belmont House and Museum to discuss women’s leadership and public service and their impact on public policy in both a historical and contemporary context.

“I am excited that the League is part of launching the 2020 Women's Vote Centennial Initiative to remind us of the decades of hard work and perseverance it took to win voting rights for women,” said President MacNamara.

In honor of our 96th anniversary as well as Presidents’ Day, we are calling upon our supporters to help us in Making Democracy Work and bringing new voters into our electoral process this year.

In a time of great cynicism about politics and apathy among voters, Suffragette serves as a good reminder to look back and remember what life was like for those once excluded from the political process.

Read President Elisabeth MacNamara's Huffington Post article on the 95th anniversary of the 19th Amendment.

Ninety-five years ago, a single vote in the Tennessee legislature guaranteed that the 19th Amendment, securing women the right to vote would, at last, become law.

We honor those who gathered at the Seneca Falls Convention to end barriers denying women equality and the right to vote. Ninety-five years after our founding, League members continue their work by Making Democracy Work®.

Ninety-six years ago today, Congress passed the 19th Amendment, which granted women the right to vote, and was sent to the states for ratification.

How well do you know the League’s impact on Americans’ lives? Test your knowledge and learn more about just some of the League’s great accomplishments over the past 95 years!